The Modern Argonauts

A Multicultural Educational Programme Preparing Young People 
for Contemporary Challenges through an Innovative Use of Classical Mythology

ERC Proof of Concept Grant (2023–2025)

About the Modern Argonauts

The Project aims at creating an international educational programme that prepares high schoolers for the challenges of the present times through an innovative use of Greek and Roman mythology. See more here.

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The map shows the following locations: the project’s Host Institution, the institutional affiliations of our mythical authors, experts, and patrons, the schools involved in the project, as well as the main stopovers where the Modern Argonauts can meet certain mythical figures. For larger map look here.

red marker Host Institution
purple marker  Institutions
green marker  Schools
blue marker Meet the Myth



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Schools Wanted! We invite warmly High Schools to participate in the “The Modern Argonauts” project. For details see here in English and in Polish.



Our Mythical Network

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Our lessons are being tested at high schools worldwide. We wish to thank the passionate teachers, students, and, last but not least, the schools’ governing bodies for their great response and participation in our mythical journey. Valde grati Vobis sumus! For more information see here.

I Bartłomiej Nowodworski High School, Kraków, Poland X Bolesław Chrobry School Complex for Motor Vehicles, Koszalin, Poland XI Mikołaj Rej High School, Warsaw, Poland Bundesgymnasium Wien 13, Fichtnergasse, Vienna, Austria Faith Comprehensive High School Obili, Yaoundé, Cameroon Flint Hill School, Oakton, VA, USA Franky Comprehensive Secondary School, Melen-Yaoundé, Cameroon Gymnasium Schäftlarn, Kloster Schäftlarn, Bayern, Germany Jean Monnet Private High School No. 32 Kharkiv Lyceum no 11 named after Danylo Didik of the Kharkiv City Council Latin School of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA Liceo Ginnasio Luigi Galvani di Bologna, Bologna, Italy Liceo Ginnasio Statale Marco Minghetti, Bologna, Italy Liceo Vincenzo Gioberti, Turin, Italy Lyceum No. 6 “Leader” of the Poltava City Council, Poltava, Ukraine Mada International College, Yaoundé, Cameroon Peace Home Comprehensive Evening School Etoug-Ebe, Yaoundé, Cameroon Samuel Marsden Collegiate School, Marsden Avenue, Karori, Wellington, New Zealand St. Olave’s Grammar School, Orpington, Kent, UK “Strumienie” High School, Józefów, Poland Władysław Hasior State Secondary School of Fine Arts, Koszalin, Poland

Our Mythical Patrons

We are most grateful to the international institutions involved in the study and popularisation of Classical Antiquity worldwide for their readiness to help disseminate the results of the Modern Argonauts project. Gratias Vobis agimus maximas!